Technique-Technology Division
Athsapha Davilayhong
Deputy Director
Douangsamone PHONTHAXAY

Division Role

1. Manage, monitor, inspect and maintain all machineries and technical equipments served the professional activities, filming, editing, production, archive and screening of film.
2. Manage, monitor, and inspect the cooling and moisture machineries of the film storage and office.
3. Consider and equip the technical equipments to the filming production team each time.
4. Be responsible for audio recording, lighting techniques and other special techniques in each filming.
5. Conduct all editing technique.
6. Archive the film, from film to be video, VCD, DVD and others.
7. Produce VCD, DVD and others.
8. Be responsible for studying the need for technical equipments-technology to serve the designated function of the Department.
9. Be responsible for monitoring, inspection, installing and maintenance of electricity in the film storage and the offices under the Department.
10. Consider and install the cinema theatre and studio.
11. Prepare weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual summary activities of the Division.
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